About Community Crossroads


Community Crossroads is one of ten non- profit corporations designated as “area agencies” by the state of New Hampshire. In this role, we are responsible for supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and their families from birth to elder years as well as adults with acquired brain disorders.   Originally established in 1979 as Region 10 Client Management, the agency has grown over the past thirty years to serve over 850 individuals and families in eleven towns in southern New Hampshire. Until recently known as Region Ten Community Support Services, Inc., we have become an integral part of our local communities through fundraising activities, civic involvement, and partnership with local businesses.

Now as we enter our 33rd year of operation, we are taking what we have learned over the years and offering our supports to other vulnerable populations, including elders. Beginning in July 2014 Community Crossroads will begin providing Independent Service Coordination (Case Management) to seniors under the Choices for Independence waiver.

Our primary mission will continue to be assuring that people receive the highest quality supports in order to remain at home as active participants in their communities.


Community Crossroads' 2012 Annual Report

At the beginning of December, 2012, Community Crossroads and its provider agencies were providing services and supports to 921 individuals and their families, an increase of 79 over the previous December. Review our 2012 Annual Report to learn more about our exciting accomplishments and upcoming opportunities!


Our History

There was a time when families with children considered “different” had few options for how to raise them.  Society’s dictate was a big brick building—an institution where children and adults with disabilities would live out their lives—isolated from family and community.  It was a bleak outlook for any family and yet a brutal reality for many.


It not only separated them.  It denied the rest of us the richness of growing up in a world that celebrated our differences along with our commonality. 


Then the turbulent era of the 1960s and 70s arrived with its promise of civil rights for all citizens—black, white, with disabilities, young, old—all citizens.  That promise imbedded itself into the American conscience.  Parents had a new awareness of possibilities—dreams of integration for their children—living at home with family, being part of neighborhood schools, attending church, going to summer camp with friends and growing up to work at gainful employment.  A simple dream for a valued life. 


A group of those courageous New Hampshire parents fought for their children—and in 1979 Region 10 Community Support Services was established. 


Our name has changed to Community Crossroads—the essence of our mission remains the same.  We work to support the integrity of the family and full integration in our southern NH communities.     


Community Crossroads is a nonprofit agency guided by families and governed by a volunteer board of parents, local citizens, and community members.  We provide Guidance, Support and Advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities, adults with acquired brain disorders, individuals in need of long-term supports due to age or disability—as well as their families and caregivers.  


Community Crossroads believes everyone deserves~

“…….the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”
(American Declaration of Independence)