Ways to Give

In accordance with our agency strategic plan, the Community Crossroads Board of Directors established a Development Committee charged with the responsibility of providing a stronger, more diverse base of financial support and resources for our agency and the individuals & families we serve.  Through the coordinated efforts of our fundraising and development committee members, Community Crossroads has strengthened existing fundraising efforts and initiated new development activities.


Development funds consist of revenue raised through both planned events & gifts and are administered through the Fundraising Grant Committee and as authorized by the Development Committee.


Gifts include:

  • Personal contributions received from our Annual Appeal
  • Donations from Tootsie Roll Drive Campaigns
  • Proceeds from Charity Blast, online purchasing program

These sources of revenue make a BIG difference in the lives of many individuals and their families.  The majority of Community Crossroads’ funding is restricted to the provision of specific services; however our development funds provide flexible dollars that enable us to better respond to the needs of individuals and families as well as to address agency needs that are not funded or not funded adequately.


The Fundraising Committee continues to play a vital role in assisting individuals and families. The committee meets quarterly to review grant applications.  The committee is comprised of members representing each of the individual activities.  This includes the annual golf challenge, kid’s carnival and the silent auction.

  • Grants are awarded in the following areas:
  • Adaptive/Assistance Technology
  • Community Participation
  • Environmental Modification
  • Social Recreation/leisure activities
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Training & Education
A few examples of the grants the committee has awarded in the past include:
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Gym Memberships
  • Art & music classes
  • Autism conference
  • Karate and dance lessons
  • Speech therapy
  • Therapeutic horseback riding
  • Home modifications

Every spring the Fundraising Committee grants scholarships to high schools in the towns we serve. These scholarships are awarded to a graduating senior pursuing a degree in human services or a student who has provided support to an individual(s) with special needs or demonstrated advocacy in support of disability issues. The amounts of the scholarships that are awarded are $750 per student.


The ever-increasing needs of individuals and families within our communities, maintenance level funding and rising service cost make Community Crossroads fundraising more essential than ever. 


Marketing and Development


Jennifer Bertrand

603-893-1299 x358


Each year Community Crossroads supports over 900 families and individuals. Your tax-deductible donation will help insure that they continue to live a quality life.