Legislative Advocacy


Top 5 Reasons to Develop a Relationship with Your State Representative

- by Sarah Aiken


Learn About the Legislative Budgeting Process in New Hampshire

-by Community Crossroads

How to Stay Informed and Get Involved

If you are interested in keeping informed about what legislation is being proposed that may affect the services that you (or someone you know) receive, either through Community Crossroads or through Medicaid, etc., please e-mail Jennifer at jbertrand@communitycrossroadsnh.org and ask to be added to our mailing list!


Looking for information on pending NH legislation that will affect people with disabilities? Check out the NH Challenge's website. You can also get information about specific bills at http://www.nh.gov or http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/


If you are interested in how your representative voted on any issue, go to this link and select the year 2011 under either the House or the Senate. You will then see a list of bills. Right now the one most people are interested in is HB1 & HB2.


If you are interested in finding out who your Representative and Senator in the legislature are, you can find out easily by going to this link and selecting your town. You can "click" on your representatives’ name and get specific information about them (home address, phone number, and e-mail if they have it). We live in a state that has the 3rd largest legislative body in the English Speaking world (rivaled only by the United States legislative body and the United Kingdom's parliamentary body). This is a legislative body elected to represent YOU, so feel free to write, call or e-mail them.


For more information on town legislators, elected officials, how to testify before a legislative committee, and more, please contact Jennifer Bertrand at (603) 893-1299 x358 or jbertrand@communitycrossroadsnh.org