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Derek began his Meals-On-Wheels volunteer work one day in May, up and ready to help out the community of seniors that morning. Having no idea what the day would bring, he was his usual smiling self and chatted with us, his fellow staff, on the way. As we entered the driveway of our second stop, Derek offered us all hand sanitizer before we delivered the food.

We all got out of the vehicle with Derek carrying the food. After knocking on the door, we heard a woman's voice say "come in". I opened the door and found our elderly friend on the floor. We needed to call 911 and I looked to Derek and gave some simple directions. I asked him to stand back and hold the door while I called 911. He did so very patiently. I then asked him to go to the end of the driveway, watch for the ambulance, and direct them into the driveway. Derek was alert and eagar to assist. He and another staff member waited as asked and about 5 minutes later the ambulance was parked and the EMTs were by the woman's side. Derek came back up the drive and was asked to get settled in the car, so we would all be out of the EMTs' way.

Derek was remarkable doing exactly what was asked of him with patience and determination . We are all proud of Derek not only for successfully delivering meals, but for being our community hero! Well done Derek.

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