Making a Good Life...It Takes Community


What does it take to live a good life?  If family, friends, home, community, and recreation are answers to that question, Derek has it made!  If he had the ability to answer that question himself, he’d most assuredly put his awesome big brother and best friend Paul on top of the list.


There was a time not all that long ago when the future for someone who had developmental disabilities was pretty limited.  Not today.  Derek’s a sociable young man whose family has advocated for a full and inclusive life since he was a toddler.  His Mom attributes family involvement along with support from Community Crossroads to his success.  “Community Crossroads has been invaluable to our family all through Derek’s childhood and now into his adult years.  His support team has been helping Derek develop connections in the community throughout his life.  They provide resources and flexible options, and they honor Derek as an individual.  We always have a place to turn whenever issues arise—that has made all the difference!”   


Derek’s schedule is filled with supportive volunteerism at local churches, the SPCA, state parks, and local sports teams.  He wholeheartedly participates in Special Olympics events, People Power dances, attends local theaters and concerts—and “digs” into farming at the community vegetable garden in Derry. 


Derek would tell you that life gets even better during hockey season.  With annual season passes to the Manchester Monarch’s Hockey games at the Verizon Wireless Arena, Derek’s become a huge fan—along with his Dad and his hero Paul.  Add his faithful Mom to the mix, and life is good for a young man named Derek with a future filled with boundless opportunities.


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Director of Community Services

Kelly Judson

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Intake Coordinator

Kristine Houle

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