Making a Good Life...It Takes Family

Life changes are challenging for many  of us, but perhaps especially so for those who have disabilities.  Donna is an “over 50” lady with Down Syndrome who has thrived on living at home with her family.  Friendly and outgoing, Donna was one of those special people who simply loved life—her work at Hannaford Super Market, her social engagements, recreation, and many years just enjoying home with her Mom and her brother.


Until recently, Donna herself devotedly served as a caregiver to her Mom who has Alzheimers.  But when the same disease struck Donna and a fall down a flight of stairs resulted in a debilitating back injury, life changed drastically.  Her brother found himself in the position of having total responsibility for supporting his Mom and his sister in their day-to-day needs. 


Donna had a valued long-term relationship with her support team at Community Crossroads which allowed them to quickly step in.  With guidance, support, and advocacy, Community Crossroads worked to keep Donna’s family intact.  Direct Support staff now provide daily services and overnight respite support so that Donna’s brother does not have to “go it alone” as primary caregiver.


The challenges they face are great—the services they receive from Community Crossroads and other organizations are absolutely critical to keeping this loving family together—as they’ve always been. 


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