Making a Good Life...It Takes Heart

“Don’t forget the heart and the bow!” Jodi’s reminder for the finishing touches in the making of her “comfort” dolls. Jodi’s handiwork has grown out of her love for all the many dolls that have brought comfort and joy to her throughout her life. What better project than one in which she can actually design and create her very own!


It began with the simple thought of learning how to sew. With direction and assistance from her Service Coordinator Mary Reed of Community Crossroads, Jodi purchased a sewing machine, fabric, thread, scissors and all the other supplies needed for this exciting new venture. Renee, her devoted and capable DSP from Easter Seals, and Community Crossroads’ Carole T, lover of all things handmade, most especially dolls, stepped in for guidance and support—and Jodi’s project was launched!


Every Friday morning the threesome get together for sewing lessons. There are many opportunities for learning—from cutting out patterns to embroidering facial features and making bits of “yarn” hair—and for fun. Jodi, always observant and interested in choosing the perfect combinations of colors and patterns for each little doll, enjoys every minute of the project.

Who knows where a hobby might lead? The day may come when Jodi’s “comfort” dolls are more than just a fun project. After all, we know they’re pretty special—made with love, lots of “heart,” and topped with a bow!


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