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My friend Keith sent me this note and I will tell you, it made my week! We have a neighborhood garage that my family brings our vehicles to. Ray, the owner of Giuffre Auto Service in Salem, NH, has always taken good care of us, and when you have children that have cars, it's important to know that someone is looking out for them as well. One afternoon, while getting my inspection sticker, I was talking to Ray and mentioned what I do (at Community Crossroads) and that I knew someone who loves being around cars and would be a perfect fit. Ray was very receptive to the idea, and within a few weeks, Keith had an interview.

Well that was back in March and he has been working ever since. He works six hours per week helping Ray in the shop. He helps keep the parts area neat and organized, keeps the shop neat and clean, and whatever else Ray needs him to take care of.


Keith has a job coach, also named Keith, and with his support, Keith has been able to learn new skills and retain them, which makes him a valuable employee. Success in employment often comes from these types of networks and personal connections. If we all work together, we can make employment a reality for all individuals, regardless of their challenges.


I have been working at Community Crossroads for 11 years, and employment for those we serve has always been very important to us. Over the years I have heard from families about all the barriers that affect employment, the biggest one being benefits. If you have concerns about how working might affect your benefits, please call me. There are work incentives within Social Security and Medicaid that make it possible for you to keep those benefits while you work. Whatever the perceived barrier might be, let us know so we can help!



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