Meaningful Employment

Nate is in his third year working for Sears in the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem. Though he was initially hired on as a seasonal employee for the weeks leading up to Christmas, 2010, Nate has successfullymaintained his position and currently works on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Shortly before his seasonal employment was complete, Nate's supervisor had been so impressed withhis performance and enthusiasm that she offered him a permanent position. During his tenure at Sears, Nate has worked in a variety of departments based on need, and as a result he became somewhat of a "Renaissance Man."


Some of his job responsibilities include: restocking returned items, the sorting of clothing by size, unpacking new inventory, use of a labeling machine to price items, collecting hangers for return to the stock room, and dusting in the electronics department. Without fail, Nate is always in a cheerful mood and eager to complete his duties. He has established meaningful relationships with his co-workers, and has the rare privilege of going to work at a job that he loves!


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