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It didn't take long to realize that Rachel is not into cleaning. So coming up with an employment strategy for her took some brainstorming around the things she likes. After politely presenting ourselves to three or four places for employment opportunities and being turned down, we knew we need to have a new approach. Since "dogs" is on her list of likes, it didn't take too long to come up with the idea of Rachel starting her own business; we could dog sit! We could walk them, take them to the dog park - or for a swim. Then we jumped right into it, knowing we could definitely get business this summer. Each step just fell into place; setting up, naming the company, definint a list of services, advertising, and scheduling appointments.

Rachel did all of the work for her business. I was a guide and editor. I supported her in asking questions about services, fees, the number of daily appointments, locations of walks, etc. Rachel typed up the brochure's text content and I edited the format; she chose the photographs to highlight. She even asked for an address book one day, and we decided to put our client information in it to keep track of the dogs' names and schedule walks.

The business is going great. Rachel walks 4 to 5 dogs per week, Monday through Friday. The fee for a 30 minute walk is $3.00, and she is making the right amount to support her purchasing desires. Rachel has enjoyed keeping track of her income and knows when she wants to save or spend. She enjoys seeing the dogs happy in the park and proclaims them safe from "Cruella's clutches" when they are with us.

Rachel still has her scheduled swimming, physical and fun activities during the week while working at her business. I am so glad we came up with the idea of turning an activity that she enjoys into a viable business. Her schedule can vary and she has learned the value of her hard-earned cash - the rewards of a sucessful business!


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