Making a Good Life...It Takes Work You Love

As a child and young adult, all Scott and his twin brother Jeff knew were segregated schools and sheltered workshops.  Services provided in their state were limited and non-community-based. 


 All that changed with a family move to New Hampshire and an introduction to Community Crossroads.  Scott became part of a support team here.  Friendly and social, he had always wanted a “real” job.  With some initial employment supports, he began working at Goodwill Stores in 1996 and has been a valued employee ever since.  Scott loves having a job and a weekly paycheck—like most of us.  His Goodwill co-workers and customers are big fans of his as well!  


 Scott has had some serious challenges in his personal life these past few years, as his Mom was moved to a nursing home and his twin brother passed away.  “Community Crossroads has been a firm supporter of both Jeff and Scott, and without this, they would have been in a sad state as their Mom aged.  Their wonderful attention to the whole family during a very difficult time contributed to Jeff’s kind and peaceful passing.  And Scott’s job at Goodwill has been the only thing that kept him going some days,” said his sister Lynne, their guardian.


Family, friends, co-workers and a remarkable support team enrich Scott’s life each and every day.  Living with two awesome enhanced home providers, Scott is always expanding his horizons—with increasing independence at home,  taking part in social events, and volunteering at the Derry Police Department.  As his sister Lynne can attest, “Scott is participating fully in the processes of daily life and loving every minute of it.”  For Scott today, segregation is a thing of the distant past.


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