Representative Payee

In an effort to reduce or eliminate financial exploitation or mismanagement of funds our Representative Payee Services offers financial management assistance to individuals who’s physical or mental illness restricts their ability to manage their own money.

To provide a safety net for clients who are incapable of successfully managing their funds, a representative payee’s primary objective is; to ensure that at-risk, low-income individuals continue to receive their monthly benefits and utilize those benefits to pay for shelter, food and clothing. With their necessities paid, our clients live as functionally independent and as comfortable as possible within the means of their limited income.
Our services include:

  • Develop Initial Budget Plans to Meet the Financial Needs of the Recipient
  • Direct Deposit of Social Security( SSA) Entitlement Checks
  • Direct Deposit of Medicaid  cash assistance
  • Processing Payments and Record Storage of Client Bills
  • Maintain Current Records and Notify SSA, and/or Medicaid When Adjustments are Warranted
  • Monthly Reconciliations
  • Provide Communications with the client, Social Security, and Medicaid
  • Ensure Adherence to Federal Guidelines for Benefit Recipients
  • Annual Reporting to the SSA, Medicaid, and Veterans Administration (VA) 
  • Upon Requests, Reports Outlining All Account Activity and Balances
  • Report Wage Information to SSA and Medicaid, and VA
  • Advocate On Clients Behalves for Debt and Bill Reduction

Community Crossroads is able to provide quality service through trained and dedicated professionals who have a strong commitment to assisting all the individuals that we serve with support in budgeting their finances.

How to get started?

Print, fill out, and sign the new client referral form, then call Dee at 603-893-1299 Ext.323 and set up an appointment.


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